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Sapphires displaying gold sheen were discovered in eastern Kenya in 2009.  A gem dealer located in Bangkok Thailand, Mr. Tanzim Khan named it Gold Sheen Sapphire.  Sometimes it is called Golden Sheen Sapphire too.  

Gold Sheen Sapphire is truly an unique gemstone.  First of all, it´s rare!  Only found so far in one mine.  The exact location is still kept secret, all we know is that the mine is in in Kenya near the Somali border.  

When a new gemstone is discovered (which is for sure not common), there is a lot of work ahead with all kinds of analysis and research process.  Thanks to the scientific world including journalists, researches and laboratories such as the GIA laboratory, the HRD Antwerp Institute, ICA GemLab, Lotus Gemology and many other laboratories as well as gemological newspaper, this sapphire has been gaining in popularity and in value, in the jewelry market.

Some facts about Gold Sheen Sapphire:

  • It´s CORUNDUM, a precious stone and the second hardest natural mineral in the world.

  • Gold Sheen Sapphire is never heated or treated except for cutting and polishing.  In that way the stone is 100% natural.

  • The Gold Sheen effect and the body color are the two elements that contributes to the beauty of Gold Sheen Sapphire.

  • Many of the cabochon cut gems displays 6 rays star.

  • Every single Gold Sheen Sapphire stone is unique, different from others due to color effects and inclusions which creates stunning veins in the gem.

  • Gold Sheen Sapphire is an excellent choice for your Jewelry.  It´s hard, durable, beautiful and valuable.

  • Famous Jewelry brands have already discovered the beauty of this gemstone and have incorporated Gold Sheen Sapphire int their collection, including John Hardy, David Yurman, William Travis and Cartiers.

The prices of Gold Sheen Sapphires has been rising constantly which makes a Gold Sheen Jewelry a very good investment.  It is expected to rise further in near future.

Take a look at this website for further information about Gold Sheen Sapphire:


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